Strength & Conditioning Staff Coach - Selim Talbi

About Selim

This is Talbi‘s second season with Empire.  He is currently the head coach for the Premier U15 boys team.

Talbi has collegiate and professional coaching experience.  In France, Talbi spent time as the men’s head soccer coach at the University of Pau.   He held the head coaching position for the Premier Level U16 men’s team at Aviron Bayonnais FC.  Talbi was the head coach for the Division II women’s national team in Blanc Mesnil.

At the professional level, Talbi served as the strength and conditioning coach for the men’s team at the Aviron Bayonnais Soccer Club at the third tier league level.

In the US, Talbi recently served as the Second Assistant Soccer Coach for the Men’s Soccer Program at Niagara University.

Talbi owns a National “B” License through the USSF and the UEFA “B” Coaching License through the French Soccer Federation. He is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist via the NSCA.  He also holds a European Strength and Conditioning Diploma via the University of Lyon. 

Talbi received a degree in the Science and Technique of Physical Education and Sports from the French National Institute of Sport.   Through the same department he completed his Masters of Research and Training at the University of Bordeaux. 

About PRO2 Sports Training

PRO2 Sports Training is designed to provide strength and conditioning training, to those athletes that are seeking to raise the bar on the soccer field.

The training you will receive from PRO2 Sports Training is based on over ten years of international experience, and a high understanding of the US soccer culture.  PRO2 Sports Training will use this knowledge to provide an appropriate method of development that is adapted to the characteristics for each age group.

Our program is focused on individualizing training.  We also focus on assessing the player’s strengths and weaknesses, according to the soccer specific demands (players position, specific movements, style and the system of play, etc.). By bridging both needs, PRO2 Sports Training will provide a support program to aid the players development for this season and in the seasons to come. 

PRO2 Sports Training is focused on the training of your children for life on and off the soccer field.   Our program will educate your children about the physical demands of playing the game of soccer and the types of behaviors to adopt off the field, to raise their level on the field.  Having this information will help each player have a better understanding of the game, and a healthier life style.

Our services will be provided in the soccer facilities where your kids are already playing and that you know. PRO2 Sports Training is mobile; we will hold sessions at different locations allowing you to choose the best site for your schedule.