Athletic Trainer

The athletic trainer will be available once a week for evaluation, treatment, and rehab of injuries and illness.  You can contact her via phone (call or text) or email if you have questions or concerns.  The trainer’s role is to help keep the players on the field and healthy.  It is important to note that players are not to self-diagnose.  If a player is not feeling well or is hurt they should make arrangements to see or speak with Shelby as soon as possible.  From the coaching staff’s perspective if a player is at training they will be treated the same as everyone else who is there.  If your injury is preventing you from performing your best you should be working with the trainer to get healthy.

Contact Information

  • (716) 984-6834 - Text, email, or calling are all appropriate
  • Shelby Garigen


Mondays she is avaiable at Sahlen Sports Park.

Otherwise you can schedule a time and place for an evaluation as needed. 

* Please email, text, or call Shelby immediately if your matter is urgent