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General Info About Empire USA - Buffalo

Empire United Soccer Academy Buffalo was founded in 2004 with the sole intention of providing the highest quality coaching and training possible to Western New York’s most talented and dedicated soccer athletes.

In the pyramid of the modern soccer program, Empire United is considered a step up from traditional "travel" soccer. Empire United is the logical progression for the soccer player with a passion for the game who is interested in competing at the highest level possible.

Teams will compete against the best premier clubs from Region 1 including the PDA, F.C. Delco, and Bethesda. Additionally, teams above age 12 will compete for the New York State West Cup with the goal of a berth in the Regional Tournament. And, older aged players will be entered in College Showcase tournaments so their talents are exposed to college coaches.

Empire United is an inclusive organization supporting boys and girls between nine and nineteen years of age. The curriculum from ages 8 to 19 is designed to be developmentally appropriate, taking into consideration appropriate levels of competition, training, and rest per age groups.

Empire United addresses the many aspects of player development that traditional programs can’t offer...

  • Professional coaches - Our program is designed to not only offer your child the best coaches the area has to offer, we also utilize our staff to have multiple coaches working with your child over the course of the year.
  • Quality players - By the very nature of what we are about the better players in the area tend to gravitate to us. Playing with good players day in and day out pushes your child to excellence.
  • Goal oriented players - Usually this goes hand in hand with the top players, but not always. Some travel teams have good players, but when they are not all there to get better the atmosphere is not conducive for player growth.
  • Exposure to the ball - Without over doing it, EUSA Buffalo makes sure that players get enough training opportunities on a weekly basis to ge the results our players desire.
  • High level of competition - To be the best you have to play against the best. Empire United has partnerships set up with the best clubs in the region to ensure our players get to compete against players and teams that will challenge them to the max.

Financial support is available for families unable to contribute the full tuition.