Uniform Number Assignment Policy


To provide a standardized method for assigning player numbers among the club’s teams, which shall provide players the flexibility to play with and/or move from one team to another within their assigned age group.


The Blue and Red team managers shall be responsible for assigning and managing player numbers within their age group.

Jersey Numbers

Numbers 0, 1, and 90 thru 99 are reserved for Goal Keepers (no "00" allowed).  
Numbers 2-98 are reserved for Field players (2-25 for Blue teams, 26-50 for Red teams).

Guest Jersey Numbers

The club has created a "library" of guest uniforms (jerseys only) that managers can "check out" from the equipment manager. These uniforms all have jersey numbers within the 60 range. Teams should no longer need to purchase guest uniforms for their team.

Assignment Priority

The following hierarchy for number selection/assignment is as follows:

  1. Players returning to their team from alst season may keep their player numbers.
  2. Players moving between two teams within an age group may keep their player number.
  3. New players coming to the team from playing age up will be able to choose from the available numbers.
  4. Returning players who wish to change their player number will be able to choose from the available numbers.
  5. New players coming to the team from outside of the club will have final selection from the available numbers.

Available Numbers are those numbers (2-50 for field; 0, 1, 90-99 for goalies) not currently assigned to a player.  The number from players not returning to an age group will be returned to the Available Numbers list. 


Team managers shall record the player numbers and provide them to the club’s equipment and uniform manager as soon as the number assignment is complete for a given team via email.