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2016 2017 Head Coach Staff Assignments
Assistant coaches are assigned after the tryout period is over.
Age Group Blue
U7 Coed 10s Chris Robey
U8 Boys 09s Mike Silverstein
U9 Boys 08s Dan Dolan
U10 Boys 07s Chris Peehler
U11 Boys 06s Corey Deville
U12 Boys 05s Andrew Incho
U13 Boys 04s Kevin O'Neil
U14 Boys 03s Selim Talbi
U15 Boys 02s Jeff Lewis
U16 Boys 01s Mike Ertel
U17 Boys 00s Luciano Gallo
U18 Boys 99s David Coulter
U19 Boys 98s Tony Schiappa
U8 Girls 09s Julianne Prentice
U9 Girls 08s Julianne Prentice
U10 Girls 07s Danny Panaro
U11 Girls 06s Molly Rouse
U12 Girls 05s Casey Derkacz
U13 Girls 04s Brian Cribbs
U14 Girls 03s Jeff Lewis
U15 Girls 02s Rob Jackman
U16 Girls 01s Dan Dolan
U17 Girls 00s Frank Cotroneo
U18 Girls 99s Jeff Au